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Ministry Partners Investment Company, LLC gives investors like you an opportunity to help meet the vitally important capital needs of growing churches, Christian schools, mission organizations and other ministries.

As ministries grow they need more space for worship services, schools and office facilities. They may need to invest in more land as part of their expansion. To sustain and accelerate this growth they will need money. Access to this money on reasonable terms means ministries can impact their communities and the world with God’s love and hope.


You take stewardship of your God-given resources seriously, and we take stewardship of your investment seriously. We don’t swing for the fences at Ministry Partners. We believe in building wealth slowly. We seek to provide a reasonable return commensurate with prudent risk. You can choose from a variety of investments designed to meet your individual objectives for maturity, liquidity, return, and investment amount.

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You can rest assured that your Ministry Partners investment is aligned with your biblically based values, helping evangelical organizations grow as they build new churches, renovate older ones, purchase Christian school facilities and acquire church land.

Your investment will be used exclusively to further the evangelical purposes of Christian organizations. Your investment will never be used to capitalize any companies whose products or practices violate Christian principles.

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We believe trust is the foundation of a solid relationship. We also know that trust is hard to earn and easy to lose. Our investors receive regular updates about Ministry Partners through newsletters, press releases, and filings we make with the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission.

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